Links, and your next assignment

Hi all — Thanks for your indulgence in class today, and thanks for your willingness to think about and talk about infinity these past few weeks. We’ll have a wrap-up discussion next time and we’ll transition to talking about a visual take on infinity through fractals. Some things I mentioned in class today:

  • Pi Day, March 14th. Here is a link to the 2008 Pi Day page at Harvard, when someone recited 3141 digits, I kid you not. The celebration takes place at 3:14pm in the math department on the second floor of the science center.
  • Mobius Transformations video from class:
  • Peep and the Big Wide World, in case you wondered what my son was watching 😉
  • Curious about all these different sizes of infinity?
    • We talked about how the first size of infinity, the hotel infinity size (the size of the counting numbers, also known as ℵ0) is smaller than the infinity of all the real numbers between zero and one (also known as ℵ1).
    • It’s not known whether there is a size of infinity between these two, and you can find a pretty watchable and interesting TEDx talk about this here.
    • There is a good Scientific American article about sizes of infinity from several years ago here.

As I mentioned at the end of class, I want us to start developing a network to share, and discuss items of interest relating to math, art, and design — these may include your own images and ideas, as well stuff you find elsewhere. Your job this week is to acquire a platform for this sharing and discussion. You can use a WordPress blog (which this is), another blogging platform, a Tumblr, a Twitter account, a Diigo account, a, or pretty much anything else. If you aren’t sure if it will work, just leave a comment here & ask.

If you have none of those things, then you’ll need to make one. You can get some help with that  at this link. Once you have a platform, you have to do two things, by Sunday night:

  1. Send me a link, using this short google form
  2. Put something on your platform that relates to the course. This could be a “hello world” post, a link to something interesting you found, a question, a comment, a picture your took of the infinite, or anything else you can dream up. Tag your post with either mathartdesign or #mathartdesign  — how you do this varies by platform, but every platform has a way!

I’ll be compiling everything into one big virtual pile so that you can see everyone else’s ideas, finds, and conversations.


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