Week 5: Homework and More

Hi all! This week you got your first taste of drawing your own fractals in class, and started to learn more about fractals from the Nova video Hunting the Hidden Dimension. Remember that fractals are self-similar when we zoom in to an arbitrarily small region, are created by iteration, and are rough or fragmented. We watched the fractal video up to about 19:30, and we’ll see another clip from this video next week. You also got an assignment, which can be found here. Thanks to Lesley’s encouragement, I worked through the 50 degree example that we started in class, including showing the spirals. Check your own work against this before doing the angles 95 and 125 degrees. You also might find Vi Hart’s video (around minute 3:45) useful as you start to draw the flowers — you are doing what she does with the “angle-a-tron” to draw flowers, just using a different tool (the graph paper) and a different angle.

You should also make a post this week — see if you can find fractal images, create your own fractal images, or post some of these flowers (or even other flowers with these kinds of spirals!


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