Week 2 Stuff

OK, this post is long overdue — sorry about that!

Here’s the least you need to know:

  1. We built tiny little Ames rooms in class, and you can find the template for that right here.
  2. Then we reviewed how we scale pictures. We decide our scaling factor (by looking at a length that we have is seeing what we need to multiply it by to get the corresponding length that we want). Then we multiply all linear measurements by that number. You can even find online scale conversion calculators like this one. Then we made plans to build a bigger Ames room out of foam board — I’ll bring those measurements with me Monday!
  3. Finally we talked a little about creating a 3D chalk drawing.
  4. You have a homework assignment! You can find it here. My plan is to take the beginning of the class to talk about themes that came up for people as they were writing these, and to start to find someways to evaluate and critique the math education that we have all participated in.

But there’s more!


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