Week 6 Recap: Frieze and Wallpaper Patterns

This week we started by exploring frieze patterns, patterns with repetition (translation) in one direction. A good review of this can be found here. That link has a different system of naming for the frieze patterns than we discussed in class, but look here for the names we used (the hop, jump, etc). Frieze patterns will make a good addition to your project on symmetry (see the project assignment!), so be on the look for them out in the world, in art, in architecture. As we saw in class, you can even create musical frieze patterns. In your response this week, consider how you react to symmetry, how you use it, how it connects for you with what we have been doing in class. We also started in class to explore wallpaper patterns. Those are much more complex because they have translation in two directions, not just one. We began to trace out lattices of those translations, and will work more with wallpaper patterns next week. For now, you can learn more about them here.

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