Week 8 Recap: Symmetry wrap-up and a first taste of fractals

This week we finished with symmetry. You can click here for notes in which I review the types of symmetry (reflection, rotation, translation, and glide reflection) and go over how we categorize rosettes, frieze patterns, and wallpaper patterns. I also gave out this flowchart that can be used to help you classify a wallpaper pattern. Your symmetry project is due next Monday (4/20), here are the details of the project. As part of the project you need to describe each piece (how it was created and/or concept), discuss the symmetries in the piece, and try and find the symmetry type for each pattern you use. I don’t expect you to get these symmetry types perfect but I do want you to engage with them and see how well you can do. Please review the details of the assignment (and ask me if you have any questions).cat fractal

We also just started to take a look at symmetry in the class, beginning with this Vi Hart video, a wierd cat drawing, and a hand fractal. Next week we will start looking at fractals more seriously and you’ll get a chance to make some.

Oh, and I forgot to send you all this video about MC Escher last week, so here it is!


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