Week 9 Recap: Fractals!

This week we started to unpack fractals a bit. We started with talking about the Droste effect, the effect of a picture appearing within itself. These images can also spiral in on each other and if you google “Droste effect” you will get many such images. We didn’t watch it in class but you can check out this video by the Wild Beasts, which exhibits a spin on the droste effect that is very popular right now. This spin on the droste effect is derived from artist MC Escher, and you can learn more about that as wellThis Flickr pool also has some great examples of Escher’s droste effect. And we watched a “real life droste” video in class of an egg within an egg. We drew some fractal shapes ourselves and talked about what a fractal actually is, you can see some notes on all that here. We also watched the first 20 minutes of the video “Hunting the Hidden Dimension,” and we will probably watch a little more of it after we learn more about the Mandelbrot Set.

Your final project is a fractal image portfolio which will be due on May 11th (we will be having a last class during the slot reserved for our final exam). Here are the details on the project! Remember that you no longer need to do a reflection on each class, unless you weren’t there! If you weren’t in class, be sure to review the material up here and send me a reflection and any questions you have!

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