Flexagon Resources

I’m going to craft this into an actual post later, but here are links for now.

Basic trihexaflexagon: http://www.puzzles.com/hexaflexagon/img/instructions_for_folding_trihexaflexagon.pdf

Basic instructions for hexahexaflexagon: http://thinkzone.wlonk.com/Flexagon/Hexahexaflexagon.pdf

Turn six photos into hexahexaflexagon template: http://www.flatfeetpete.com/flexagon/

Flexagon party: http://www.puzzles.com/hexaflexagon/kit.html

A square flexagon: http://momath.org/home/flexagon/ and one for kids: http://www.auntannie.com/Geometric/TetraFlexagon/



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