Exploration 1: Tree Fractals

  1. Sketch a simple object or a shape. Let’s call it the base. Mark some points that stick out. For instance, if you draw a cat face, mark the tips of cats’ ears.
  2. Draw smaller versions of the base at each of the marked points.
  3. Keep repeating until the shapes are too small! You are making a tree fractal.
  4. Note: You have just one of the base.
    • How many of the next smaller copy of the base are there?
    • How many of the next smaller copy after that?
    • Is there any pattern going on here?
  5. How many points did you mark back in step #1? How does that change the fractal? Do you think it should count as a tree fractal if there is only one shape at each level? What would this kind of “fractal” look like?
  6. What makes tree fractals easier or harder to draw?
  7. What examples of tree fractals can you find in nature (trees of course are an example, but what else?), architecture, technology, crafts, and arts?

Bring your drawing/imageto class with you. on 1/30. Write brief responses to at least three of #4, 5, 6, 7, but try to keep the whole exploration to a page. Feel free to share images in the comments as well so that I can easily share them with everyone!


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