Week 1 Information

  1. We will be using this website http://mathartdesign.wordpress.com for information, links, and other materials. Your projects and grades will be on the myLesley site for this course. Announcements will be posted on both websites (and sent to your lesley email).
  2. This first week we started to talk about fractals, working particularly on the Sierpinski triangle and the Koch snowflake. You can find materials presented in class and other resources here.
  3. Next Monday, you should come to class with Exploration 1 done. Find the details of that exploration here.
  4. Your first project is a portfolio of fractal images due 2/13, with text explaining those images. You can find the details here:
  5. Please review the syllabus. Email me if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have any interesting links relating to this week (or anything math and art related), leave them in a comment and I’ll try to get them out to the class!


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