Class 4 materials and assignment

This was our last class specifically addressing fractals, but we will be seeing fractals pop up from time to time as we talk about infinity in the next section of the class. The exploration for next week is a preview of our work on infinity. This week the class was focused on the Mandelbrot set, a very famous fractal that is quite unlike the other fractals we have explored.

  1. We watched a bit of the Nova program on Hunting the Hidden Dimension. This program introduces us to Mandelbrot, his famous fractal, and recaps some of the information we have talked about in class.
  2. We also learned a little bit about complex numbers in this class. You can find that material again here and here.
  3. Other materials from class (and some that didn’t make it into the class can be found here).
  4. Here is the handout from class that explains the Mandelbrot and Julia sets.
  5. Finally, here are some ways to explore the Mandelbrot set and to find interesting Julia sets with the following programs: The Mandelbrot set is on the left. Move pointer to select different values for C and see corresponding Julia sets. Will allow exploration of both Mandelbrot and Julia sets, but does take some getting used to!


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