Symmetry comments!

We started talking about symmetry last week with the snowflakes exercise. Since we won’t be together on Monday, post two (or more) images related to symmetry. These could be pictures that you take of symmetry in the world, your own sketches or other work, or symmetric pieces you like done by others. Post them in the comments, and be sure to post your first name and last initial so that I can give you credit!

15 thoughts on “Symmetry comments!

  1. Symmetry, pleasing to the eye and eerily perfect, can be found in various films. Along with creating a balanced canvas, directors also call upon colors in their shots to set the tone or mood for the scene. Stanley Kubrick is best known for these symmetrical shots as well as Wes Anderson and Gore Verbinski.
    Kubrick, “2001: A Space Odyssey”

    Anderson, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”

    Verbinski, “A Cure for Wellness”

  2. Hi everyone
    I am having a lot of trouble uploading my pictures. I picked my country’s flag, the Albanian flag. It is a two headed eagle, a fence and my car rim ; showing mirror and spiral symmetry

  3. Olimpia’s examples were so nice I also wanted to use examples in film. Though pleasing to the eye in Wes Anderson’s case, Kubrick’s use of symmetry creates a sense of unease:

    Hannah G.

  4. this is a cool video I found about Anderson’s films. Also tried uploading some of my own photos but I couldn’t figure out how either… every time I drag the image over it just fills up the whole screen and I have to start all over again!

    Savannah R.

  5. In graphic art, symmetry can be used for shirt patterns, posters, cards, or more.

    From artist Malika Favre:

    A photo done by Andre Britz:

    Elizabeth R.

    1. The symmetry around Lesley is pretty goddamn boring, let’s be honest unless you travel into the city which (aint nobody got time for that)

      I picked out a couple of my favorite films in shots where I feel the directors really pushed symmetry in places where the audience would completley miss if they blinked, if it was onscreen for more than a couple seconds.

  6. Symmetry can be seen in our day, when we are out on walks and in nature


    Gabrielle S.

  7. I found symmetry within album covers of artists I like

    Bjork’s album cover for “Homogenic”

    Devendra Banhart’s album cover for “What Will We Be”

    Fito Paez’s album cover for “Abre”

    Gustavo Cerati’s album cover for “Amor Amarillo”

  8. Not images but songs! Mozart wrote a duet in a single score. You can play the piece from top to bottom, but if you flip it upside down and play it like that, it creates a perfect duet.

    Bach did a similar thing, it’s called a “crab canon” where it’s played from right to left and left to right.

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