Project 3

For this project, you have a choice to work in symmetry patterns or in geometric sculpture.

Option A: Symmetry Patterns

Develop a portfolio of symmetry patterns. Your portfolio should include a total of 5 patterns. The choice of symmetry type is up to you, as is the choice of the type of work and method of creation (working by hand is fine, as is working on computer, taking photographs, or etching on stone tablets). The only restriction is that the work must be your own. Each piece should be accompanied by a description with:

  • Briefly, how the piece was created & any concept/idea behind the piece
  • Briefly, a description of the symmetry types in the piece: Rotations with their order, reflections (horizontal/vertical/diagonal?), translations, and location of any glide reflections
  • The type of pattern: Rosette, Frieze, Wallpaper
  • The symmetry group/type of the pattern (note that a piece does not have to have “perfect” symmetry – if the symmetry is broken in some way, be sure to note that).

When I grade this project, I will look at:

  • Execution /Concept: Were the pieces that you created visually and/or conceptually interesting, original, or thought-provoking? Was the piece well-done, given the concept and method?
  • Identification of Symmetries: Were all of the symmetries of the piece identified correctly?
  • Variety of Symmetries: Were a wide variety of symmetry types and symmetry groups in the portfolio?

Option B: Geometric Sculpture

Your task is to create a 3-dimensional geometric structure/sculpture, and to write an accompanying short paper.

  • Your structure should be well made. Typically this means it will be sturdy and symmetric, although these aren’t strict requirements since those properties will vary by design and materials. The time and care that you put into both the design and the construction should be evident.
  • Your structure should make an impression on the viewer. An ideal project will move beyond simply replicating a construction method. You should carefully consider your construction method, materials, design, and any other elements that will contribute to the visual impact of the final product.
  • Your structure does not have to be completely original work, but it should contain some original methods, colors, materials, or context. In other words, whatever you do, you should make it your own.
  • Your paper should be 400-500 words. The paper should contain:
    • What you have learned about the geometry of your piece, about the method of construction, or about related mathematics
    • Details about your design, practice, and construction process
    • You should include citations and sources for any resources that you use, all done APA style (ask a librarian if you need help with this)
    • As an alternative, you could use another medium to do this “paper” including a detailed combination of text and graphics, a video, or whatever else you can imagine.

When I grade this project I will look at how well you met each of the four requirements listed above.

If neither of these options appeals to you, feel free to email me and propose something else. Your project is due on 5/8 at 11:59pm. At that time I’ll be closing the books on the course and I won’t be accepting any work after that!

[Featured Image is from James Nizam, found here.]

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