This website is the homepage of Math, Art, and Design, a course at Lesley University running in spring 2013. You are welcome to follow along  with the course and participate, whether you are enrolled or not!

The instructor of the course is Angela Vierling-Claassen, a professor of mathematics at Lesley University. I got a PhD in mathematics from Boston University and I have taught mathematics at BU, Harvard, Lesley, and other places. I realized a couple of years ago that shame was playing a large role in my own life as a mathematician and in my classroom. So I started to learn about shame, and to research its impact on mathematics teaching and learning. While doing that work, I became interested in relational practice in education, and how the relationships between me and students were impacting both me and my students. I also became interested in critical pedagogy, and the idea of developing a critical awareness of mathematical education, particularly through noticing who is left without a voice and trying to include those disenfranchised by mathematics in conversations about math. Finally, I started to use memory as a tool to understand and interrogate mathematical identity. I am also interested in intersections between mathematics and art, as well as using mathematics to understand human relationships and social networks.

You can reach the instructor in lots of ways!

When I’m not doing this work, I am spending time with my awesome family. We write about being a carfree family at http://carfreecambridge.com.

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