Project 3

For this project, you have a choice to work in symmetry patterns or in geometric sculpture. Option A: Symmetry Patterns Develop a portfolio of symmetry patterns. Your portfolio should include a total of 5 patterns. The choice of symmetry type is up to you, as is the choice of the type of work and method… Read More Project 3

Symmetry comments!

We started talking about symmetry last week with the snowflakes exercise. Since we won’t be together on Monday, post two (or more) images related to symmetry. These could be pictures that you take of symmetry in the world, your own sketches or other work, or symmetric pieces you like done by others. Post them in… Read More Symmetry comments!

Design for Learning Stats

A student at Brown, Daniel Kunin, has created a terrific visual resource for explaining statistics. It is called Seeing Theory, and it is hosted at Brown. Under the hood, it features Mike Bostock’s JavaScript library for creating visualizations, D3. For anyone interested in visualizing quantitative information, it’s a delight!