Fractal Resources

Videos and General Information about Fractals

Drawing Fractals by Hand

Programs & Apps for Creating Fractals

Mandelbrot and Julia Sets

Basic Information about Mandelbrot and Julia Sets

Programs to create images from Mandelbrot and Julia Sets

(Please add to this list if you find useful programs!)

  • Java Fractal Generator. Creates images of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. One nice thing to do with this program is to select Julia Plane near the top, then click “Render” at the bottom and then to use the small Mandelbrot image in the lower left to select different Julia sets. You can also use this to explore different sets related to Julia and Mandelbrot sets by selecting a different equation at the top. Always remember to hit “Render” after you make a change to see the new image!
  • Mandelbrot/Julia Set Plotter by Dan Gries. Here are instructions. This program can be used to explore the usual Mandelbrot set or to explore a four-dimensional space that contains both of the Mandelbrot and Julia sets. Play around with the “Bounds” tab after scanning the instructions to see what kinds of images you can get.
  • Julia Sets at Shodor Interactivate. This produces fairly low-res images of Julia Sets corresponding to different constants.
  • Mandelbrot Set at Shodor Interactivate. This produces fairly low-res images of Mandelbrot Set with option to see corresponding Julia set if you click on point of Mandelbrot set. Disadvantage is that it is very hard to determine where you are “at” in the Mandelbrot set as you zoom.
  • Mandalbulber: 3d mandelbrot-type fractals

Fractal Sculpture

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